Reiki Master and Teacher online course

Become a Reiki Master and Teacher Prerequisite: Reiki Level 1 and 2 - CAD 97 - on SALE for 67

Note: Course Price is in CAD 

If you can not attend a direct Reiki course for any reason, then this course may be a great alternative for you!
We know your time is valuable.

Reasons for not having the possibility to attend a direct Reiki course can be for example

  • not enough time
  • having no possibility to get to a class, because there are no classes near by
  • physical problems
  • no transportation
  • just to name a few reasons

We welcome you to our Reiki Master and Teacher online course 

If you want to get the Master attunements, you must already have the first and second Reiki Level completed, including the attunements. Also wait at least 21 days after your Reiki level 2 attunements. Practice a lot, and listen to your heart to know if it is the right time for you to move on.

Reiki Master - The Third Degree  - the first step of becoming a Reiki Teacher

Reiki will be a wonderful tool for your spiritual journey. But becoming a Reiki Master is not the end of the journey. It is only the beginning of your own personal and spiritual development. Being a Reiki Master is a step further into your own self-discovery and development. It is also the first step of becoming a Reiki Teacher.

If someone wants to become a Reiki Master, this normally indicates that this person has a great love for Reiki. It may feel like an inner calling.

Master Reiki online course

  • You will be introduced to the Master-Symbol and how to use it
  • You will get the master symbol attunements
  • You will learn about the Shadow Self
  • You learn a Master Symbol Meditation through a guided meditation here in this course.

After receiving the master attunement, you can start to go further and become a Certified Reiki Teacher. You do not need to wait to do this step.

Becoming a Reiki Teacher
Becoming a Reiki Teacher is a wonderful way to share your knowledge and experiences with family, friends and clients. But it does not make you suddenly a better or wiser or more enlightened person than anyone else. It simply means that as a Reiki Teacher you are now able to pass on the gift of Reiki to others. As a Reiki Master and Teacher you are still learning, and growing, and you are committed to doing your best on your personal and spiritual path. As a Reiki teacher you are seeking to not only enhance your own life, but also the lives of others.

Preparation for becoming a teacher
After a successful master initiation you can learn how to attune and introduce others into Reiki. You do not need to wait to become a Reiki Teacher
Through the Master Lineage you will be connected to the founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui.

  • In this course, you will learn how to give the Reiki attunements for all Levels.
  • We will give suggestions on how to create your Reiki courses.
  • You will get a certificate,
  • and your Master Lineage:

Intended Audience: Reiki, Reiki Master, Reiki Teacher

Welcome to the Master Level
Your e-book
The Reiki Master Symbol
What you need
How To Draw The Master Symbol
The Mantra of the Master Symbol
How to draw the symbol
How to prepare for the Master Attunement
How does an distance attunement feel like?
How we do the Distance Attunements
How to receive your Distance Attunements
Complete Guided Meditation for the Distance Attunements
Optional: Guidance and Music for your Attunements
How to Activate the Reiki Symbols, including the Master Symbol
The Importance of Meditations
Reiki Master Symbol Meditation
What is the Shadow Self
More about the Shadow Self
The Shadow Self and Reiki
A Suggestion on How to Heal the Shadow Self
The Next Step- Reiki Teacher
e-books Teacher
Preparation if you want to teach Reiki Face to Face
Suggestion: How to teach Reiki 1
Outline of the Introductions for Reiki Level 1
There are 4 Attunements in this level
The best way to learn the attunement process
The Energy Channels
1st Attunement - Reiki Level 1
2nd Attunement - Reiki Level 1
3rd Attunement - Reiki Level 1
4th Attunement - Reiki Level 1
Outline of the Introduction Reiki Level 2
Suggestion: How to teach Reiki 2
3 Attunements - for each symbol one attunement
General Attunements
Attunement - Power Symbol
Attunements - Mental/Emotional Symbol
Attunement - Long Distance Symbol
How To Do The 3 Attunements in one Session
Suggestion: How to teach Reiki 3 and 4
Outline of the Introduction Master Level
There are 3 attunements in one session
The Master Attunements
How To Do The 3 Master Attunements in one Session
Outline of the Introduction
Online courses and Distance Attunements
​How to do a Distance Attunement
​How to set up an Attunement Depot within a time frame
Your Reiki Lineage
Good To Know
Order your certificate
Create only good Karma for yourself

Reiki, at it’s best!

James Samuel Myers , 2 months ago

Every thing you need to know is clearly explained and demonstrated. Very well presented with beautiful videos and supporting manuals.

Great course, highly recommended!

Sandra , 11 months ago

This is a great course! Well presented, well taught, with real demonstrations of how to perform Reiki. There is a lot of information in the course, and one can tell that Daniela and Lina are very knowledgeable in all that they teach. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to delve deeper into the world of Reiki.

Another amazing course.

Darlene , 2 years ago

Another amazing course taught by two loving and knowledgeable women. These ladies believe in what they are doing and are there to help you whenever needed.

What's included

  • 31 Video Lessons
  • 29 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Lina and Daniela Hills


Lina is a Reiki Master,Teacher, and she practices Reiki since she was 3 years old! Lina is a Theta Healing Practitioner, and does intuitive Angel Readings.

Daniela teaches Reiki since 2002. She also practices and teaches lots of other healing modalities. She does Non-hypnotic Past Life Regressions, Shamanic Healing, Mediumship, Space Clearing, Trance Healing, and she is the Founder of the WhiteLight Self Empowerment System and the Healinggrid-System.